A little bit about LuLu and the TomCat:

LuLu and the TomCat is an original, high energy, interactive, music based, award-winning children's/family entertainment group with an animal theme.

photo by Brent Wright

They play many musical instruments, and use puppets, props, ventriloquism and a wide variety of musical styles to entertain and bring smiles to kids of all ages.

It is fun for the whole family, from kids to grandparents. The original writing includes story songs, sing-a-longs, lots of action and participation, as well as humour and good clean fun.

Their first recording, All The Cats Were Playin' was awarded a Prairie Music Award 2002 for "Outstanding Children's Recording"

Their second recording 3, 2, 1 Kadoozee was the Winner of a 2003 Parents' Choice Silver Award, a Western Canadian Music Award for "Outstanding Children's Recording." and the Canadian Children's Book Centre "Our Choice" award.

Their third recording Stick To It was the Winner of a 2006 Parents' Choice Recommended Award, a Children's Music Web Award for ""Best Recording for Younger Children 5 to 8," .

With an extensive repertoire, varied musical background and many interests, LuLu and the TomCat are able to cater their presentations to suit the event, whether it be a festival, concert, school or library.

With a wealth of educational experience between them as a teacher and librarian, LuLu and the TomCat's school, library and literacy presentations include songs and activities involving literature and learning, reading, using the library, positive attitudes, and good role models.

When requested, their presentations may include a French component. (LuLu is a songwriter and a grade 2/3 French immersion teacher. The TomCat was a school librarian in one of his nine lives).

The “Sing-a-Book”© Series of books for children

Using enticing music and rhyming stories is a fun way to help children learn to read. LuLu and the TomCat know how to hook kids on reading. Their upbeat melodies with companion books are designed to challenge children while showing them just how fun reading can be. Classic and original children's poems and stories are set to music to draw children into the magical world of reading. Adorable pictures keep young readers focused and involved.

Sing-a-book© with LuLu and the TomCat.

Click here for more information on "Sing-a-books".

"Sing-a-book of Cat Tales" Library or School Literacy Show

A LuLu and the TomCat "Sing-a-book of Cat Tales" library show contains the following ingredients:

  • an engaging, high energy, interactive show
  • talking, singing and promoting reading, books, libraries
  • familiar stories from literature, presented in song
  • featured stories and books from your library's collection
  • puppets, props and many musical instruments
  • original writing including sing-a-longs
  • lots of action and participation
  • humour and good clean fun
  • fun for the whole family, from kids to grandparents
  • when requested, presentations are bilingual (French)
  • classroom support materials, including colouring pages

The following song titles (and short descriptions) are a just a few of the potential songs from a library or school literacy show:

I Love to Read : the theme song of a "LuLu and the TomCat Sing-a-book of Cat Tales" show.

If they sing it, they'll want to read!

3-2-1, Kadoozee
Alphabet word-play... having fun with words
AEIOU, I Love You
A "catty" introduction to sign language and vowels
A Dragon Named Howard
A take-off on Ogden Nash's story about a pet dragon... featuring a shy, 6' 1", green dragon (available in "Sing-a-Book" format)
The Owl and the Pussycat
The classic Edward Lear poem in song (available in "Sing-a-Book" format)
All the Cats Were Playin'
What are your cats doing when you are not at home? They are playing music, of course! (available in "Sing-a-Book" format)
Rats, Rats, Rats
Robert Browning's Pied Piper of Hamelin, retold in song, with a conga line of rats, "kats", and kids (available in "Sing-a-Book" format)
The Lion and the Mouse
The Aesop's Fable in song and puppetry(available in "Sing-a-Book" format)
The Cat in the Hat
A fun-filled Dr. Seuss sing-a-long rap
Go Be a Musician
The tale of the Bremen Musicians by the Brothers Grimm, with "mew-sical" audience participation (available in "Sing-a-Book" format)
Squeedle-Doo and Squeedle-Dee
A story of 2 mischievous monkeys that get into trouble with Grandpa (available in "Sing-a-Book" format)
Do the Drill
What do you do in case of fire? Alec, the "smart Alec" safety snake, "sssss-sings" about what to do (available in "Sing-a-Book" format)
Nine Planets
A comparison between vastness of the universe and the importance of the individual
Teddy Bears' Picnic
A children's classic
Prairie Flower Tune
Learning the names of Manitoba prairie flowers in song
Who's on First
The classic Abbott and Costello Radio radio play...often used by schools at festivals as a Speech Arts reading
Wynken, Blynken and Nod
The classic poem set to music. (Companion "Sing-a-book" available)
Sunny Holiday
Greet your neighbour in 12 different languages and everyday can be a sunny holiday.
Stick To It!
Tommy Turtle learns to "Stick To It!" as he races Ruby Rabbit to the finish line. This classic Æsops fable is retold in song. (Companion "Sing-a-book" available)
Let's Go Fishing
Come to Hawaii where the fish are shimmying to the waves of this song. (Companion "Sing-a-book" available)
Quand le Soleil (The French Song)
It's fun to do this song in sign language.
Un Sombrero (One Beutiful Hat)
Learn Spanish the easy way with this song written about a beautiful hat. (Companion "Sing-a-book" available)
En roulant ma boule
Dance a jig to this traditional French Canadian song, retold, about a cat who gets into trouble. (Companion "Sing-a-book" available)
Canada no Iro
A song about the colours of Canada, in Japanese, that LuLu and the TomCat wrote and sang at the World Expo in Japan.
Waving at the Wheat
An anthem for Manitoba with owls, howls and prairie dog kisses!
When the Animals Ran the Zoo
Crazy things happen when the animals run the zoo. LuLu and the TomCat wrote this song for their tour to Cuban schools. (Companion "Sing-a-book" available)
Puss in Boots
The classic story retold in song. (Companion "Sing-a-book" available)

A LuLu and the TomCat musical presentation captures children's attention, involves them through active participation, stimulates their imaginations and encourages reading. (as well as entertaining the parents!)

LuLu and the TomCat have a recording entitled All the Cats Were Playin', which received a Prairie Music Award (2002) for "Outstanding Children's Recording".

photo by Brent Wright

Their award was presented by the fun-tastic, zany Al Simmons, at the Burton Cummings Theatre for the Performing Arts (formerly the Walker Theatre) in Winnipeg, MB. The title track also received an "honourable mention" in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest.

Their music receives frequent airplay on CBC Manitoba and CBC National programs, such as Jurgen Gothe's "DiskDrive", and David Wisdom's "Pearls of Wisdom," as well as CKXL (French songs).