LuLu and the TomCat are a multi-instrumental, bilingual entertainment group who encourage active audience participation. With their colourful puppets and creative themes, this duo performs many different shows and tailors each to suit your particular audience.

As former teacher and librarian, these two "cool cats" have received many awards for their creative and educational childrens' music in both English and French. Their experience and ease with an audience has made them a favourite of festivals throughout western and central Canada. Some highlights of their performing schedule have been Parliament Hill in Ottawa for Canada Day, the Canadian Embassy in Washington, and representing Canada at the World Expo in Japan. They can perform in either English or French or bilingually.(please see for French descriptions).

What other festivals, libraries, teachers, and media have said about LuLu and the TomCat:

School Library Journal, 4/1/2009:
Award-winning Canadian duo Tom and Lori Neufeld (Lulu and the Tom Cat) present 14 original, lively songs on their fourth album for children. While several of the songs are in rock and roll style, complete with wailing guitars, there are also a couple of folk and Latin style tunes. Topics of the songs include dinosaurs, fossils, and lake monsters. The album opens with "Fossil Rock," a lively, rocking dinosaur dance and closes with "Hush Baby Pterosaur" (to the tune of "Hush Little Baby"). A couple of songs celebrate Canadian attractions: "Pembina Diamond Mine" and "Go, Go Manipogo" (a marine creature in Lake Manitoba). The instrumental performances are wonderful. Vocal performances are also topnotch, including The Kiddens, four girls who join in on several tracks. A great resource for dinosaur story times and classroom activities, and a treat for young dinosaur fans. - Beverly Bixler, San Antonio Public Library, TX

"The award-winning Canadian duo is joined by "The Mews" chorus, made up of three girls, on their seventh album. Singing in rock, folk, polka, boogie, country, jazz, and Celtic musical styles, the band performs both original and traditional folk songs. In "Hocus Pocus," a child wants to clean his room with a magic wand. "Imagine That" includes imagining pirate treasure, mermaids, and wizards. "The Stand Sit Song" is a fun game that asks listeners to sit and stand when they hear those words in the song; listeners must watch out for words like "bySTANDer." "The Grasshopper and the Ant," "The Bison of Snow," "Puss in Boots," "Teeny Tiny Boo," "The Scroobious Pip," and "Belle Isabelle" (which has a beautiful, haunting tune in a minor key) are all stories in song. "The Ants Go Marching" and "Ah, Les Crocodiles" are traditional folk songs. In the "World of Odd," a class that visits an odd farm can hear the cow bark, the pig quack, and the cat oink. Other songs include "Octopus Boogie," "I Met a Sasquatch," "Whoo Are You?" (with yodels), "Saber-Tooth Poet," "Pick Up Your Garbage," and "Go, Go Manipogo!" (also on their 2009 album, Fossil Rock). A fun and energetic album."- Beverly Wrigglesworth, San Antonio Public Library, TX

"Someone let the cats out of the bag again, but kids are definitely thrilled that these two felines just couldn't stay a secret. With their fresh and highly interactive family-friendly performances, LuLu and the TomCat present a musical extravaganza of sing-alongs and storytelling, puppetry and participation that gets audiences of all ages purring with delight... and learning a thing or two along the way. With their colourful catalogue of tunes and highly interactive stage show, LuLu and the TomCat will have children of all ages perking up their ears and singing along... the Roland, Manitoba -based duo has been lauded for its fresh and fun approach to family entertainment... (LuLu and the TomCat) leave families of all ages purring in pleasure." Winnipeg Folk Festival.

"Winners of a Prairie Music Award and Parents' Choice Award, LuLu and the TomCat are two "cats" not to be missed live. Dance, sing and smile at their show where fun is a guarantee." Winnipeg International Children's Festival.

"LuLu & the TomCat...a dynamic, high energy performance, that pleased both the children and the adults... a crowd favorite for young and old alike." Ang Braun, South Central Alzheimer Society.

" Just back from the World Expo in Japan... they are one of Canada's top children's acts." Gail Aubin, The Valley Leader.

"Lulu and the Tomcat (also known as Tom and Lori): Mild mannered entertainers Tom and Lori turn into super-kids-entertainers, Lulu and the Tomcat! A pleasure to see in both forms. Their children's shows are a must-see kids and parents alike." Blair Mahaffy, Plain Salt

"It was a privilege to work with you here during your too short visit. Your professionalism and endearing personalities along with your talent and Canadian/Japanese spirit are highly admirable." Rene LeBlanc, OYE!Canada/Indica-Records, Artistic and Technical Director, Canada Pavilion, EXPO2005, Japan

"Their wonderful mix of singing, instruments, puppets, audience participation and books were very fitting to what we try to promote here... all ages really seemed to enjoy the performance and we would recommend them highly... " Crystal Alcock, Children's Department, Kenora Public Library, Ontario.

"Students from Nursery to grade 6 were thrilled by the fast-paced and dynamic show. Weaving together literacy and feline themes they captivated the children's attention through interesting costumes, puppetry and other props. They also involved the children throughout the show, making them a part of the performance. The quality of the music and the songs presented was superb. I would wholeheartedly recommend LuLu and the TomCat as children's performers and I can guarantee any accompanying adults will have to be careful - they might enjoy the show as much as the kids!" Liz Kornelsen, Grade 1/2 Teacher, Pinkham School.

"From the moment that arrived till the moment they left, you knew you were in for a professional show, but more importantly, these folks obviously love their work and the children! ...Our recommendation would be: Don't miss out on the opportunity to have these folks come and visit you! " Dianne Green, Assistant Community Librarian, Peachland, BC.,

"Both students and staff were completely immersed in the highly entertaining song and dance routines. Students were completely mesmerized by the wide variety of musical genre and totally involved in the action packed participatory opportunities that the LuLu and the TomCat performances provided... outstanding children entertainers. I would highly recommend LuLu and the TomCat to any school/group looking for top-notch children's entertainment. " Clyde Orr, Principal, OLV School, Kenora, Ontario.

"Some of Manitoba's best children's entertainers... an amazing show..." Reena Nerbas, What's Up Kids magazine.

"...great things for kids and families." Susan Rykiss, Winnipeg Parent Magazine

"LuLu and the TomCat provided the perfect blend of musical talent, storytelling and theatre... interaction with the audience, both young and old, provided a wonderful atmosphere of fun and laughter." Grant Miyai, Music Therapist, St. Amant Centre

"Your performance was so enthusiastic, very child friendly and interactive... professional, colourful and very engaging." Frances M. Balodis, International Director and Creator of Music for Young Children.

"... their repertoire is fast-paced, funny and very interactive... I would highly recommend "LuLu and the TomCat"..." Vicki Neilson, Sidney/North Saanich Branch, Vancouver Island Regional Library, BC.

Background information on LuLu and the TomCat:

2013 - They release their third French album, "Le Chat BottÈ"

2013 - The World of Odd receives a Parents' Choice Award

2013 - The World of Odd receives a Western Canadian Music Award nomination for Best Children's Album

2012 - They release their eighth children's album, "The World of Odd"

2010 - They release their lullaby album, "Lullaby LuLu"

2010 - They perform at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C.

2009 - Le dragon Gaston receives a Western Canadian Music Award nomination for Best Francophone Album

2009 - Fossil Rock receives a Western Canadian Music Award nomination for Best Children's Album

2009 - They release their second French CD, "Le dragon Gaston"

2008 - Faites de la musique! receives a Western Canadian Music Award nomination for Best Children's Album

2008 - They release their CD, "Fossil Rock"

2008 - They were invited to Ottawa to perform on Parliament Hill to celebrate Canada Day

2008 - They release their first French CD, "Faites de la musique!"

2007 - Their new recording, "Stick To It!", is named "Our Choice, 2007," by The Canadian Children's Book Centre.

2007 - LuLu and the TomCat presented musical reading techniques to the South West Conference of Language Teachers in Las Vegas, Nevada.

2006 - LuLu and the TomCat make Jurgen Gothe's Hit List (CBC National) for 2006!

2006 - Their new recording, "Stick To It!", is a Winner of a 2006 Parents' Choice Award, and a Children's Music Web Award.

2006 - LuLu and the TomCat perform for schools and community centers in Cuba with a 15 piece band.

2005 - LuLu and the TomCat represent Canada at World Expo 2005 in Japan.

2004 - LuLu and the TomCat's recording "3, 2, 1 Kadoozee" is named "Our Choice, 2004," by The Canadian Children's Book Centre, receives a Western Canadian Music Award, and a Parents' Choice Award.

2002 - LuLu and the TomCat's recording "All The Cats Were Playin" receives a Prairie Music Award.

2001 - LuLu and the TomCat's song, All the Cats Were Playin', received an "Honorable Mention" in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. "...among the best entered into the Contest."

LuLu and the TomCat have been involved in education for many years, creating fun and educational materials for children. LuLu is a former Early Years French Immersion teacher, and writes and produces music and stories with her husband and former public school librarian, the TomCat. As teacher and librarian, they have long recognized the benefits of using music to teach reading.

Some recent notable Manitoban performances have been;

  • the Winnipeg International Children's Festival
  • the Winnipeg Folk Festival
  • The Winnipeg Teddy Bear's Picnic

They have toured across Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia.

LuLu and the TomCat have produced nine multiple award winning CD's, as well as a series of children's books with accompanying pedagogical activity guides.